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Stopping package development

26 November 2014 14:24

Hi to all Synology package users out there.

Unfortunately I have some bad news. As you may have noticed already, I haven’t been really active updating packages recently. I do no longer have enough spare time to develop packages. Therefor the package server will go offline as of january 2015.

This blog stays online, occasionally I will post tech posts. This will include howto’s and info about Synology, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and possibly webdevelopment. I will try to respond to your questions as much as I can.

Please download packages before 31-12-2014 from:

Usage of the packages is at your own risk.

Thank you for all your support!

– MissileHugger.

Future FileBot updates only at official site.

28 July 2014 23:20

FileBot is no longer available at my package server. The package can now be downloaded at:

The package is maintained by the creator of FileBot.

Openfire (Synology package) 3.9.3-1 released

28 July 2014 23:12

The Openfire package is now updated to version 3.9.3-1.

If you have any trouble using the embedded database, please reinstall the package (manually backup users and settings).

Openfire (Synology package) 3.9.1-2 released

20 April 2014 16:51

The Openfire package is now updated to version 3.9.1-2.

Users report upgrade issues when using the embedded database. Please reinstall the entire package if you have any problems upgrading (back-up users and settings).


Java 8.0 (Synology package)

19 March 2014 23:17

Synology Java package is now updated to 8.0.