Openfire (Synology package) 3.9.3-1 released

28 July 2014 23:12

The Openfire package is now updated to version 3.9.3-1.

If you have any trouble using the embedded database, please reinstall the package (manually backup users and settings).

13 responses to “Openfire (Synology package) 3.9.3-1 released”

  1. of says:


    ver. 3.9.3-2 doesn’t work.

    May i have download the ver. 3.9.3-1 for reinstall ?

    thank you

  2. ItsmE says:

    On my installation it will not work either. The browser can not establish a connection to the server. When downgrading to your previous version it will work again.

  3. LimeyBrant says:

    I attempted to upgrade my 3.9.1 install and it doesn’t work either, neither does using the 3.9.1-2.spk in the comment above. Is there one more pervious version I should be trying?

  4. LimeyBrant says:

    Oh, and I was using an external SQL db if that matters….

  5. LimeyBrant says:

    And… of course it just came up (3.9.1 version from above). Guess I’ll wait a bit to try upgrading again 🙂

  6. Nukem says:

    The update was not smooth! 🙁

    I could not open the admin page anymore, whether at default nor missilehugger port. The clients would not connect. I uninstalled it and installed the old archive (linked above). Now I could open the admin page, but it showed a first-install – no users whatsoever were there!

    My embedded db seemingly got corrupted or overwritten. Damnit.

    I copied my very old db from a local install to the NAS, to at least have my users back. It would still not work at first glance, Openfire would hang again.
    I then found out that the config.xml and the database.script had DOS line endings (^M). Fixing them with ‘tr -d’ worked out ok, so that I was able to use the latest version with my old February database again.

  7. João Paulo says:

    not works.

  8. Mati says:

    Hi, after updating Openfire to 3.9.1 it has stopped working.
    Where to find 3.8.2 package for synology to download?
    I ask because this link: not work.

  9. Thomas says:

    Hello together,

    for me the same.
    I upgraded a working installation (3.9.1 -> 3.9.2) but I can’t access the admin page. After an downgrade the admin Page is reachable and I can log in. But no Client can connect to Openfire, although the User in Openfire still exists.
    What can I do? Any help are appreciated.


  10. Ralf says:


    for me the same…
    Openfire doesn´t work… And the file from post above doesn´t work too… the admin page for initial configuration is not available…

    Hope for a soon update or a link to openfire 3.8.x for armada cpu working.


  11. Benjamin says:


    I accidentaly remove openfire from my Synology and i want ton reinstall it… But i see that the sources are down !!!
    Where can i get the lastest openfire package for synology? It’s very important, my users are without server now !!!

  12. yannick says:

    Like Benjamin I would like to get the source files to re install openfire.
    Where can we get this package ?
    Alternatively, is there any other synology software which provide the same IM service ?
    Thanks 🙂

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