Stopping package development

26 November 2014 14:24

Hi to all Synology package users out there.

Unfortunately I have some bad news. As you may have noticed already, I haven’t been really active updating packages recently. I do no longer have enough spare time to develop packages. Therefor the package server will go offline as of january 2015.

This blog stays online, occasionally I will post tech posts. This will include howto’s and info about Synology, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and possibly webdevelopment. I will try to respond to your questions as much as I can.

Please download packages before 31-12-2014 from:

Usage of the packages is at your own risk.

Thank you for all your support!

– MissileHugger.

20 responses to “Stopping package development

  1. Projekt says:

    thank you for your work and good luck!

  2. Phil says:


    Thanks very much for your work, good luck in the future!

    I wonder though, if you have time, would you be able to rebuild Shellinabox to disable SSL 3.0? As you’re probably aware, SSL 3.0 is compromised and so many browsers are removing it. It would seem that Shellinabox uses SSL 3.0 and so no longer works in Chrome.

    I believe the patch available at will do this, but I can’t build it for my DS213j, I receive an error.

    If you don’t have the time to do this, do you still have the config files and makefile for shellinabox? Alternatively, are you planning to release your source so someone can continue your work?

    Thanks again,

    • Phil says:


      Sorry I forgot to mention the DS213j is an Armada 370 CPU, so the makefile/config or source files for this would be very useful.


    • Phil says:

      Hi again,

      Do you have any plans to release the source code for your packages? I’d be especially interested in the source for shellinabox. I’ve managed to recompile it but I can’t seem to get SSL working and I’m missing the ‘paste from browser’ feature.


  3. Griff says:

    Thank you for the packages and your work. Shellinabox has come in handy many times.

  4. mattyj says:

    Bummer! I donated anyway to compensate for past work. I just discovered Web Console and it is insanely useful.

  5. JWB says:

    Anyone by chance know where else you can get the package? I just ordered my 415+, and stumbled onto this today.


    • MissileHugger says:

      All packages seem to be available through the SynologyItalia repository.

      These packages were not placed there by me, so I can’t take any responsibility in using them.

      • We have taken and published all the MissileHugger’s packages as they was downloadable on 2014.12.10 without any modification to let them be available for the community.
        Presently there is no further maintenance planned, they are just published … as they are

  6. MissileHugger says:

    Thank you for all your support and feedback in the past years.

  7. kct says:

    Hey, first of all. Thanks for you great work.
    I dont know much about creating those packages but is it possible to make it an open source project? If someone else knows how to create the package (maybe you can automate it)you work will not disapear.

    • MissileHugger says:

      Creating packages is not rocket science and its documented all over the internet. It’s just a time consuming hobby.

      SynoCommunity is an open source initiative that does exactly what you mention. Some software has to be precompiled due to certain dependencies. Other software, like Java Embedded, needs accepting a EULA first. This makes it hard to create these packages in an open source project.

  8. Tony says:

    I do not see the Web Console package on Am I missing it? Is it available elsewhere?

  9. Kevin says:

    Hello and thank you for all your effort.

    I came to late to download the pkg.
    Is it possible to get all the packages at once? The idea would be to make an other mirror like synology italia.


  10. Tirias says:

    Hi and THANKS for all your effort.

    Unfortunately i have not seen the notification until it was too late, and now i cant find the java 8 package elsewhere.

    Do you people now if there is another repository or something?

    Tahnk you very much for everything you have done!

  11. Hi my friend, even though I’m sorry to go, I think it’s awesome you take this step, do you’ll have more time to other great product.

    Just know you’ve enriched so many lives over the years, and I truly wish you and your loved ones the very best in the future! You, of all people, sure deserve it 🙂

    Love, from cold, cold Denmark.

  12. Wallie says:

    Could you please send me the openfire-3.9.1-2.spk ???

  13. TobyX says:

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