Synology package: Java Embedded 7

14 July 2012 16:39

I updated Java SE Embedded for ARM to version 7. Unfortunattely version 7 is not supported by x86 and PPC models yet.

Please install or update through my package server:


16 responses to “Synology package: Java Embedded 7”

  1. jacobs says:

    goed de

  2. Paulii says:

    Java 7 is most definitely supported on PPC models 🙂

  3. Steve says:


    Weer can i find the package?


  4. Patrick says:

    Dear MissileHugger

    Many thanks for the ARM Java-Package. On my DS112+ this was the enabler to get a Tomcat-Server running. It works nice.

    Question: Are there plans to upgrade from 1.7.0_06 to 1.7.0_? Maybe after next DSM 4.2 official release?

    Regards; Patrick

  5. Mark Morgan says:


    the Funambol package is dependent upon the Java 6 package. Can you please confirm that it works with the update to Java 7.


    • MissileHugger says:

      I can confirm that the Funambol package works with the Java 7 package.

      Have fun using the packages.

  6. MoBO says:

    Do Java 7 will be supported one day for x86 (Synology 1511+) ?

  7. Twanislas says:

    Hi MissileHugger !

    First, thanks a LOT for your packages !

    Any news concerning java 7 package for DSM 4.2 ?

    Thanks agin man !

  8. thibsie says:

    Hi 🙂

    DSM 5 beta has upped Glibc for older PPC to 2.8 (DS410)
    Java should be possible now on dS410.

    Could you update the packages? Thanks A LOT 🙂 🙂

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