Raspberry Pi: Removing X

15 May 2013 12:18

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When using the Raspbian distribution on your Raspberry Pi, there's always the xserver taking up space on your SD-card. If you need more space and don't use the GUI, then there's an easy way to completely purge xserver. 

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Login through SSH and use the following command to completely remove the xserver.

sudo apt-get purge xserver* x11-common x11-utils x11-xkb-utils x11-xserver-utils xarchiver xauth xkb-data console-setup xinit lightdm libx{composite,cb,cursor,damage,dmcp,ext,font,ft,i,inerama,kbfile,klavier,mu,pm,randr,render,res,t,xf86}* lxde* lx{input,menu-data,panel,polkit,randr,session,session-edit,shortcut,task,terminal} obconf openbox gtk* libgtk* alsa* nano python-pygame python-tk python3-tk scratch tsconf desktop-file-utils python3-numpy python3 python omxplayer

For more information, visit the official Raspberry Pi website.

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2 responses to “Raspberry Pi: Removing X”

  1. L says:

    This removes php5-common, phpmyadmin and nano as well, packages that you usually want to keep and aren’t related to the X server.

  2. Tairun says:

    …and it also removes python. Wouldn’t you need that to drive the GPIO pins, or at least to write software for it?

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