A History Of Western Art

A basic premise of the book is that the social sciences offer a perspective that is essential for anyone desiring a well-rounded education. American education is returning to fundamentals and should include the social sciences as well as language and mathematics.

Living Artist Of Today: International Contemporary Art Vol.1

Living Artists of Today: Contemporary Art is a resource for art professionals – gallery owners, art collectors, art publishers, museums and other art institutions around the world. This, the second edition of the book series takes the viewer through a visual journey of discovery and enjoyment of artwork by artists who live and work both next door to us and around the world, they share similar life experiences and moments in history, ...

Sherlock And Transmedia Fandom: Essays On The Bbc Series

The critically-acclaimed BBC television series Sherlock (2010- ) re-envisions Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's detective for the digital age, joining participants in the active traditions of Sherlockians/Holmesians and fans from other communities, including science fiction, media, and anime. This collection explores the cultural intersections and fan traditions that converge in Sherlock and its fandoms. Essays focus on the industrial and cul...

Exploring World Art

This colorful introduction to world art brings together seemingly unrelated objects--such as an Aztec calendar stone and a Flemish still life--to help children make connections between the world of art and their own lives. The art is divided into chapters on Time and Space, Other Worlds, Daily Life, History and Myth, and the World of Nature. Ancient Egyptian mummies accompany a native Alaskan mask to illustrate how various cultures h...

The Women Who Knew Too Much: Hitchcock And Feminist Theory, 3 Edition

Originally published in 1988, The Women Who Knew Too Much remains a classic work in film theory and feminist criticism. The book consists of a theoretical introduction and analyses of seven important films by Alfred Hitchcock, each of which provides a basis for an analysis of the female spectator as well as of the male spectator. Modleski considers the emotional and psychic investments of men and women in female characters whose stor...

Black Social Dance In Television Advertising: An Analytical History

The influence of dance upon consumers has long been understood by advertisers. This work investigates the use of black social dance in television advertising. Covering the 1950s through the 2010s in the United States, dance is shown to provide value to brands and to affect consumption experiences. An interdisciplinary work drawing upon anthropological, phenomenological and cultural theoretical approaches, the text provides a theory o...

Treasures Of Irish Art, 1500 B.c. To 1500 A.d.

The patrimony of the extraordinary Irish civilization has been made available almost in its entirety for this exhibition. The profound feelings that the people of Ireland have for their treasures is something that we all understand, and their lending these precious possessions to us is an exceedingly generous act. It might never have transpired, but "Ireland ... is like not other place under heaven." George Bernard Shaw saw that the ...

Music, Sense And Nonsense: Collected Essays And Lectures

Alfred Brendel, one of the greatest pianists of our time, is renowned for his masterly interpretations of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Liszt, and has been credited with rescuing from oblivion the piano music of Schubert’s last years. Far from having merely one string to his bow, however, Brendel is also one of the world’s most remarkable writers on music – possessed of the rare ability to bring the clarity and originality o...

The Cambridge Companion To English Renaissance Tragedy

Featuring essays by major international scholars, this Companion combines analysis of themes crucial to Renaissance tragedy with the interpretation of canonical and frequently taught texts. Part I introduces key topics, such as religion, revenge, and the family, and discusses modern performance traditions on stage and screen. Bridging this section with Part II is a chapter which engages with Shakespeare. It tackles Shakespeare's gene...