Spuren der Avantgarde: Theatrum alchemicum

Examining the recourse to alchemical experimental practices by the early 20th century avant-garde movement in Europe opens up a surprising perspective on the relationship between art and science in the early modern and modern eras. This volume explores the Theatrum alchemicum as a natural philosophical labyrinth, a hybrid melting pot of mythical knowledge and rational understanding, and as a skillful practice of philosophizing with m...

Transfiguration: The Religion of Art in Nineteenth-Century Literature

Transfiguration explores the work of John Ruskin, Robert Browning, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and Walter Pater, treating in particular the ways in which they engaged with the Christian content of their subject, and, in Pater's case, how the art of Christianity was contrasted with classical sculpture. Stephen Cheeke examines two related phenomena: idolatry (a false substitution, a sexual betrayal), and the poetics of transfiguration (to ...

Queen Anne: Patroness of Arts

As the last Stuart monarch, Queen Anne (1665-1714) received the education thought proper for a princess, reading plays and poetry in English and French while learning dancing, singing, acting, drawing, and instrumental music. As an adult, she played the guitar and the harpsichord, danced regularly, and took a connoisseur's interest in all the arts. In this comprehensive interdisciplinary biography, James Winn tells the story of Anne'...

Jean Epstein: Corporeal Cinema and Film Philosophy

This is the first comprehensive study of Jean Epstein's fiction and documentary films, film theory, and writings on poetry and homosexuality. Until now no general introduction to this very influential filmmaker, thinker and writer was available in English. The book unfolds the intellectual trajectory of Epstein, describes and comments on his most famous films and little-known documentaries, both silent and sound works, and defines th...

Lost Sound: The Forgotten Art of Radio Storytelling

From Archibald MacLeish to David Sedaris, radio storytelling has long borrowed from the world of literature, yet the narrative radio work of well-known writers and others is a story that has not been told before. And when the literary aspects of specific programs such as The War of the Worlds or Sorry, Wrong Number were considered, scrutiny was superficial. In Lost Sound, Jeff Porter examines the vital interplay between acoustic tech...

A History of Western Music (9th edition)

The definitive history of Western music, now with Total Access. Combining current scholarship with cutting-edge pedagogy, the Ninth Edition of A History of Western Music is the text that students and professors have trusted for generations. Because listening is central to music history, the new Total Access program provides a full suite of media resources―including an ebook and premium streaming recordings of the entire Norton Anthol...

Variations on the Canon

Charles Rosen, the pianist and man of letters, is perhaps the single most influential writer on music of the past half-century. While Rosen's vast range as a writer and performer is encyclopedic, it has focused particularly on the living "canonical" repertory extending from Bach to Boulez. Inspired in its liveliness and variety of critical approaches by Charles Rosen's challenging work, Variations on the Canon offers original essays ...

Italian Guitar Music of the Seventeenth Century

In the seventeenth century, like today, the guitar was often used for chord strumming (""battuto"" in Italian) in songs and popular dance genres, such as the ciaccona or sarabanda. In the golden age of the baroque guitar, Italy gave rise to a unique solo repertoire, in which chord strumming and lute-like plucked (""pizzicato"") styles were mixed. Italian Guitar Music of the Seventeenth Century: Battuto and Pizzicato explores this lit...

Show Boat: Performing Race in an American Musical

Show Boat: Performing Race in an American Musical tells the full story of the making and remaking of the most important musical in Broadway history. Drawing on exhaustive archival research and including much new information from early draft scripts and scores, this book reveals how Oscar Hammerstein II and Jerome Kern created Show Boat in the crucible of the Jazz Age to fit the talents of the show's original 1927 cast. After showing ...

Das antike Theater

Bernd Seidensticker bietet eine anschauliche Einführung in die Geschichte des Theaters in griechischer und römischer Zeit. Er beschreibt seine Entstehung und Entwicklung, erläutert dramatische Formen, erklärt die Organisation des Theaters und seinen Aufbau, informiert über Schauspieler, Chöre und Musiker und beleuchtet Kunst und Technik der Inszenierung.