Finding Joseph I: An Oral History of H.R. from Bad Brains

The first fully authorized biography of one of rock’s most enigmatic singers is a thoroughly uncensored rollercoaster ride through a riotous, tumultuous and utterly singular life and career. This gripping oral history features H.R. himself and the people who know him best, including Ian MacKaye, Questlove and members of Sublime and the Deftones. The spiritual leader of Bad Brains was one of the most iconic and legendary front men in ...

Onigamiising : Seasons of an Ojibwe Year

Long before it came to be known as Duluth, the land at the western tip of Lake Superior was known to the Ojibwe as Onigamiising, “the place of the small portage.” There the Ojibwe lived in keeping with the seasons, moving among different camps for hunting and fishing, for cultivating and gathering, for harvesting wild rice and maple sugar. In Onigamiising Linda LeGarde Grover accompanies us through this cycle of the seasons, one year...

Rudolf Nureyev: Three Years in the Kirov Theatre

In the pages to come is a collection of reminiscences of a great dancer and outstanding choreographer: Rudolf Nureyev, a man sentenced by fate to live out the most incredible of destinies, a man whose name until only recently was condemned to complete oblivion in the country in which he was born, the USSR. This is first publication to focus on the "Russian" period of Nureyevs stage career - making it unique among all the other books ...

Fifty Key Sociologists: The Formative Theorists

Covering the life, work, ideas and impact of some of the most significant thinkers in sociology, Fifty Key Sociologists: The Formative Theorists concentrates on figures in the field writing principally in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Including entries on Jane Addams, Theodor Adorno, George Lukács, Max Weber and Pitrim Sorokin, this practical text: is presented in an accessible A–Z format for maximum ease-of-use provi...

Monet: Itinerant of Light

The life of the great French painter, one of the founders of Impressionism, is narrated in lush comic art reminiscent of his style. From the Salon des Refuses (“Salon of the Rejected”) and many struggling years without recognition, money, and yet a family to raise, all the way to great success, critically and financially, Monet pursued insistently one vision: catching the light in painting, refusing to compromise on this ethereal pur...

Bruce Lee : Hommage au dragon éternel

Voici ressuscitée, en images et en paroles, la plus importante personnalité des arts martiaux: Bruce Lee. En associant à de superbes photographies les paroles mêmes de la star, cet ouvrage, à l'instar d'un film, combine une magistrale "bande son" à une "mise en scène" qui puise dans la bibliothèque intime d'images de Bruce Lee. C'est au travers des différentes sources radiophoniques, télévisées ou cinématographiques et d'éléments pri...

Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry

Ten-year-old prodigy Akiane Kramarik shares her artwork, poetry, and the fascinating story surrounding her talent. Growing up in a home with an atheistic mother and a non-participating Catholic father did not stop four-year-old Akiane Kramarik from finding God. This girl's dreams began a conversation in the home that has eventually brought them all to Christianity and the world's attention. Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry is a ...

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe

From New York Times bestselling author J. Randy Taraborrelli comes the definitive biography of the most enduring icon in popular American culture. When Marilyn Monroe became famous in the 1950s, the world was told that her mother was either dead or simply not a part of her life. However, that was not true. In fact, her mentally ill mother was very much present in Marilyn's world and the complex family dynamic that unfolded behind the...

The Life and Work of General Andrew J. Goodpaster: Best Practices in National Security Affairs

General Andrew J. Goodpaster (1915-2005) was a brilliant military leader, a scholar and, most of all, an exceptional presidential adviser who served under seven successive administrations. A respected strategist, he participated at the highest levels of government in many of the most important decisions of the second half of the twentieth century. As President Eisenhower’s Staff Secretary, he was the de facto originator of the Nation...

Ginty's Ghost: A Wilderness Dweller's Dream

Bestselling author Chris Czajkowski returns with more revelations of life in the far reaches of the Chilcotin. After nearly three decades of wilderness dwelling far from neighbours and roads, with the nearest community accessible only via float plane or days of hiking, Czajkowski purchases a derelict homestead with rough road access at Ginty Creek, an hour's drive south of Anahim Lake. Although the property is mostly swamp and the pa...