Can Education Change Society?

Can-Education-Change-Society Author Michael W. Apple
Isbn 9780415875332
File size 427.7 KB
Year 2015
Pages 201
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Politics and Sociology

Book Description:

"For scholars and researchers in the field of comparative and international education, this current book adds to both the depth and breadth of our ongoing conversation with Apple’s scholarship. ... this book deserves to be both read and taught."

"...these books (Can Education Change Society? and Knowledge, Power, and Education) together reminds us that all our individual and local counter-hegemonic efforts in our own colleges, departments, and home communities need to reach out to similar and more regional and national movements. It is the only through such efforts of counter-hegemonic extension that "decentered unities" are formed and Badiouian events occur. Although Badiouian events appear to happen suddenly and out of nowhere, in fact they typically follow years and decades (sometime centuries) of counter-hegemonic struggle.Apple's body of work, generally, and his most recent two books in particular, are a reminder and guide to the "realization of the importance of understanding the connections amoung intersecting power relations and working toward the long-term goals involved in building [what Williams called] 'the long revolution'"



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