The Organic Chemistry Of Sugars

Intrigued as much by its complex nature as by its outsider status in traditional organic chemistry, the editors of The Organic Chemistry of Sugars compile a groundbreaking resource in carbohydrate chemistry that illustrates the ease at which sugars can be manipulated in a variety of organic reactions. Each chapter contains numerous examples demonstrating the methods and strategies that apply mainstream organic chemistry to the chemic...

Reactions: The Private Life Of Atoms

Peter Atkins is Fellow of Lincoln College, University of Oxford. He is the author of almost 60 books, which include the world-renowned textbook Physical Chemistry, now in its ninth edition. He has also written a number of books for a general readership, including Galileo's Finger: The Ten Great Ideas of Science, The Periodic Kingdom, Molecules, and The Laws of Thermodynamics: A Very Short Introduction. He has been a visiting professo...

Drug Discrimination: Applications To Medicinal Chemistry And Drug Studies

Drug discrimination: a practical guide to its contributions to the invention of new chemical entities and evaluations of new or known pharmacological agents Drug discrimination can be described as a "drug detection" procedure that uses a pharmacologically active agent as the subjective stimulus. Although the procedure does require some effort to implement, it can be an extremely important tool for understanding drug action. Whereas m...

Emerging Pollutants In The Environment: Current And Further Implications Ed.

This edited book includes overviews by significant researchers on the topic of emerging pollutants toxicology, which covers the hazardous effects of common emerging xenobiotics employed in our every day anthropogenic activities. This book will meet the expectations and needs of all those who are interested in the negative implications of several emerging pollutants on living species.

Proteomics And Protein-protein Interactions

The rapidly evolving field of protein science has now come to realize the ubiquity and importance of protein-protein interactions. It had been known for some time that proteins may interact with each other to form functional complexes, but it was thought to be the property of only a handful of key proteins. However, with the advent of high throughput proteomics to monitor protein-protein interactions at an organism level, we can now ...

Berichte Zur Lebensmittelsicherheit 2013: Monitoring

Das Monitoring ist ein gemeinsam von Bund und Ländern durchgeführtes Untersuchungsprogramm, das die amtliche Überwachung der Bundesländer ergänzt. Während die Überwachung über hauptsächlich verdachts- und risikoorientierte Untersuchungen die Einhaltung rechtlicher Vorschriften kontrolliert, ist das Monitoring ein System wiederholter repräsentativer Messungen und Bewertungen von Gehalten an bestimmten unerwünschten Stoffen in den auf ...

Corrosion Mechanisms In Theory And Practice (3rd Edition)

Philippe Marcus is director of research at CNRS and director of the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Surfaces at Chimie ParisTech. Dr. Marcus has authored or coauthored over 300 papers and has received numerous awards, including the Uhlig Award from the Electrochemical Society, the Whitney Award from NACE International, the Cavallaro Medal from the European Federation of Corrosion, and the U.R. Evans Award from the Institute of Co...

The Scientist Or Engineer As An Expert Witness

The Scientist or Engineer as an Expert Witness is aimed at scientists and engineers who intend to be useful as experts for the plaintiff or for the defense. … Speight, who has testified numerous times as an expert witness, provides guidance that gives witnesses all the information needed to testify confidently and effectively. In addition, both plaintiff and defense lawyers and their paralegal assistants can profit from The Scientist...

Alkaline Phosphatase

There can be no doubt that alkaline phosphatase is one of the most extensively in­ vestigated of all enzymes. This has resulted from the ubiquity of its distribution, and from the ease and sensitivity with which its activity can be measured. Unfortunately, these wide-ranging but often superficial experimental studies have been followed up by intensive and systematic investigations in only a few limited areas of the biochemistry and c...

Anchorage Design For Petrochemical Facilities

Anchorage Design in Petrochemical Facilities presents recommendations for the design, fabrication, and installation of anchorages into concrete for petrochemical facilities. Interpreting the intent of building codes as applied to petroleum or chemical installations, this report offers realistic guidance on materials, design details, installation, and repair. It summarizes the state of the practice for the design of cast-in-place anch...