The GoPro Hero 6 Ultimate Guide to Video, Photo and Storytelling

The Hero6 Black is an extremely powerful video and photo capture device. It features crystal clear 4K resolution and extreme slow motion abilities with 240 frames per second. But what does that mean to you? This book will walk you through each individual setting, mode and option, explaining what it is, how it affects your pictures and what are the best settings. You will be given real life, in-the-field examples of when to use each s...

Hitchcock and Adaptation: On the Page and Screen

From early silent features like The Lodger and Easy Virtue to his final film, Family Plot, in 1976, most of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies were adapted from plays, novels, and short stories. Hitchcock always took care to collaborate with those who would not just execute his vision but shape it, and many of the screenwriters he enlisted—including Eliot Stannard, Charles Bennett, John Michael Hayes, and Ernest Lehman—worked with the directo...

Die große Fotoschule: Digitale Fotopraxis

Das umfassende Handbuch zur digitalen Fotografie Digitale Technik verständlich erklärt Mit vielen Tipps für die fotografische Praxis Das umfassende Handbuch zur digitalen Fotografie – von den technischen Grundlagen bis zur fotografischen Praxis! Dieses Buch bietet Ihnen das aktuelle Wissen rund um die Digitalfotografie: Kamera- und Objektivtechnik, Regeln und Prinzipien der Bildgestaltung, Umgang mit Licht und Beleuchtung, Blitzfotog...

Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro

The first Latin American actor to become a superstar, Ramon Novarro was for years one of Hollywood's top actors. Born Ram¢n Samaniego to a prominent Mexican family, he arrived in America in 1916, a refugee from civil wars. By the mid-1920s, he had become one of MGM's biggest box office attractions, starring in now-classic films, including The Student Prince, Mata Hari, and the original version of Ben-Hur. He shared the screen with th...

Pasolini, pastiche et mélange

Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975), écrivain, cinéaste et théoricien du cinéma a pratiqué et théorisé pendant toute sa carrière le pastiche comme un véritable procédé esthétique qui structure une partie essentielle de son oeuvre. Cécile Sorin analyse la richesse et la complexité de cette notion de manière générale, en commençant par en livrer une étude historique et esthétique. Elle propose de faire du pastiche, avec Bakhtine, Genette o...

Perfect Photography

For the last 3 years, Author have been obsessed with nature/landscape photography, and capturing the raw power of lightning, raging seas, tornadoes, and blizzards. I've learned a lot of tricks (the hard way) when it comes to capturing great photos. Author WIll cover everything I've learned about LIGHTNING PHOTOGRAPHY.

Landscape and the Environment in Hollywood Film: The Green Machine

This book systematically explores how popular Hollywood film portrays environmental issues through various genres. In so doing, it reveals the influence exerted by media consolidation and the drive for profit on Hollywood’s portrayal of the natural landscape, which ultimately shapes how environmental problems and their solutions are presented to audiences. Analysis is framed by a consideration of how cultural studies can make more th...

The Hollywood Romantic Comedy

The most up–to–date study of the Hollywood romantic comedy film, from the development of sound to the twenty–first century, this book examines the history and conventions of the genre and surveys the controversies arising from the critical responses to these films. Provides a detailed interpretation of important romantic comedy films from as early as 1932 to movies made in the twenty–first century Presents a full analysis of the rang...

Sex and Film: The Erotic in British, American and World Cinema

Sex and Film is a frank, comprehensive analysis of the cinema's love affair with the erotic. Forshaw's lively study moves from the sexual abandon of the 1930s to filmmakers' circumvention of censorship, the demolition of taboos by arthouse directors and pornographic films, and an examination of how explicit imagery invaded modern mainstream cinema.

Remaking the Frankenstein Myth on Film

Focusing on films outside the horror genre, this book offers a unique account of the Frankenstein myth's popularity and endurance. Although the Frankenstein narrative has been a staple in horror films, it has also crossed over into other genres, particularly comedy and science fiction, resulting in such films as Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Young Frankenstein, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bladerunner, and the Alien and Te...