Saint Paul: A Screenplay

Presented here for the first time in English is a remarkable screenplay about the apostle Paul by Pier Paolo Pasolini, legendary filmmaker, novelist, poet, and radical intellectual activist. Written between the appearance of his renowned film Teorema and the shocking, controversial Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, St Paul was deemed too risky for investors. At once a political intervention and cinematic breakthrough, the script forces...

Mulholland Drive

Beloved by film and art aficionados and fans of neo-noir cinema, Mulholland Drive is one of the most important and enigmatic films of recent years. It occupies a central and controversial position in the work of its director, David Lynch, who won the best director award at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival for the movie. Mulholland Drive in the Routledge Philosophers on Film series is the first full philosophical appraisal of Lynch's fil...

The Directors: Take Four

In this fourth installment of The Directors, the companion to the Silver Plaque-winning Starz/Encore documentary series, eight of today's most acclaimed filmmakers reveal intimate details about their most influential work and their unique approaches to their art. From Jerry Maguire and Jacob's Ladder to Flashdance and Fatal Attraction, this volume offers a rare glimpse behind the sets and behind the hype of some of Hollywood's most m...

Edoardo Ripari - Storia cinematografica della letteratura italiana

Lo studio dei rapporti tra letteratura e cinema ha da tempo suscitato la giusta attenzione. E tuttavia è assente un'indagine sistematica dei film che, nel corso di un secolo, hanno raccontato le grandi opere della letteratura italiana, inserite nella prospettiva della loro ricezione. Esiste, del resto, una vera e propria storia cinematografica della letteratura italiana, sommersa e da ricostruire, che, dal Medioevo, attraversa i seco...

The Headshot

It used to be that the only people that needed professional-looking headshots were actors and models, but now thanks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and social media in general, headshots are hot! They've never been more in demand than they are today, and Peter Hurley's unique headshot style and trademark look have made him the most sought-after headshot photographer in the world today. Here's your chance to learn exactly how to crea...

The 100 Greatest Western Movies of All Time

A fun, opinionated, illustrated look at Westerns―with great photographs from great movies   This unique compendium of short essays about, and evocative photos from, the 100 greatest Western movies of all time is the authoritative new resource on the subject―and the ideal illustrated gift book for all cowboy enthusiasts and cinema fans. Beyond being eminently browseable and lavishly illustrated, the book―compiled by the editors o...

Fotos farbecht drucken

Sie machen beim Fotografieren alles richtig. Sie sind ein Meister der Bildbearbeitung. Sie haben den besten Drucker, den man derzeit bekommen kann. Und doch sind Sie mit der Qualität Ihrer Fotoausdrucke nicht zufrieden, insbesondere die Farben stimmen nicht. Woran liegt's? Am Farbmanagement! Entweder ist die Kamera nicht richtig abgestimmt oder Drucker und Bildschirm arbeiten nicht mit dem gleichen Farbraum. Hier hilft nur, alle Komp...

Porträts fotografieren im Studio

Das Workshop-Buch für die Studiofotografie! Lernen Sie mit diesem Buch Schritt für Schritt, wie Sie Lichtsituationen für Porträts aufbauen. Die Fotografen Stephanie und Frank Eckgold zeigen Ihnen ausführlich alle klassischen und auch ausgefallene Lichtsituationen, so dass Sie sie einfach selbst im Studio nachstellen können. Darüber hinaus vermitteln Ihnen grundlegende Exkurse Hintergrundwissen zum Fotografieren im Studio und einen Üb...

Reverse Shots: Indigenous Film and Media in an International Context

From the dawn of cinema, images of Indigenous peoples have been dominated by Hollywood stereotypes and often negative depictions from elsewhere around the world. With the advent of digital technologies, however, many Indigenous peoples are working to redress the imbalance in numbers and counter the negativity. The contributors to Reverse Shots offer a unique scholarly perspective on current work in the world of Indigenous film and me...

LUMIX FZ2000: Das Handbuch zur Kamera

Das ultimative Buch für mehr Fotospaß mit Ihrer Lumix FZ2000! Dieses Buch ist das Rundum-sorglos-Paket für Fotospaß mit Ihrer Lumix FZ2000! Hier sehen, welche Funktionen wirklich wichtig sind und wie Sie Ihre Kamera in allen Situationen richtig einstellen können: von der Wahl des richtigen Belichtungsprogramms über das gekonnte Scharfstellen bis hin zum Blitzen. Hier werden Sie zu jedem Thema fündig werden – verständlich und anschaul...