A Dog's Life: A Book of Classic Photographs

5a31de727c96c.jpg Author Life Magazine and William Wegman
Isbn 9780316526913
File size 10.35MB
Year 1995
Pages 96
Language English
File format PDF
Category Animals

Book Description:

Almost every page of this book is filled with heart-warming photos of how amazing dogs are in their behavior, talents, appearances, and ways they communicate their love for LIFE itself. If you are familiar with LIFE magazine's photography and their uniqueness to show true LIFE in action and the humor and warmth of life itself, then this book is what you can use to cheer up your day and entertain your family, and sit on your coffee table for your guests to enjoy. It' not just a book filled with cute photos of dogs. It's a bog about dogs in action and their love of LIFE. Amazing photography.



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