Scandinavian Defense: The Dynamic 3... Qd6

Every chess player needs a defense to 1 e4, the most popular first move for White. The ideal response is the easy-to-learn, unrefuted and surprising Scandinavian Defense: The Dynamic 3 Qd6 is such a system. It gives players room for creativity and offers strategic ideas they can understand quickly. With brand-new analysis, correspondence master Michael Melts shows that this long-nelglected line is a little-known but venomous response...

Serious Play : Literacy, Learning and Digital Games

Serious Play is a comprehensive account of the possibilities and challenges of teaching and learning with digital games in primary and secondary schools. Based on an original research project, the book explores digital games’ capacity to engage and challenge, present complex representations and experiences, foster collaborative and deep learning and enable curricula that connect with young people today. These exciting approaches illu...

Lean Game Development

Apply lean frameworks and other concepts of software development to the process of your game development. Resistance to Agile methodologies in the gaming industry is most often due to frustrated attempts to use lean tools and frameworks. Lean Game Development teaches you how to apply frameworks and concepts successfully to benefit you and your team. You will see how to manage, develop and coexist in a lean game development environmen...

No-Code Video Game Development Using Unity and Playmaker

In the past, not being able to program meant not being able to make video games. Now if you can draw a flow-chart you can use powerful State Machine technology to create your dream game! No-Code Video Game Development using Unity and Playmaker will teach you how to substitute flow-charts for code. As a complete course, it uses a project-based approach. The FPS project comes with over a hundred dollars worth of free #gamedev DLC: Unit...

Analog Game Studies: Volume I (Volume 1)

Analog Game Studies is a bimonthy journal for the research and critique of analog games. We define analog games broadly and include work on tabletop and liveaction roleplaying games, board games, card games, pervasive games, gamelike performances, carnival games, experimental games, and more. Analog Game Studies was founded to reserve a space for scholarship on analog games in the wider field of game studies.

Well Played 1.0: Video Games, Value and Meaning

Video games can be "well played" in two senses. On the one hand, well played is to games as well read is to books. On the other hand, well played as in well done. This book is full of in-depth close readings of video games that parse out the various meanings to be found in the experience of playing a game. 22 contributors (developers, scholars, reviewers and bloggers) look at video games through both senses of "well played." The goal...

Situational Game Design

Situational Design lays out a new methodology for designing and critiquing videogames. While most game design books focus on games as formal systems, Situational Design concentrates squarely on player experience. It looks at how playfulness is not a property of a game considered in isolation, but rather the result of the intersection of a game with an appropriate player. Starting from simple concepts, the book advances step-by-step t...

Perspectives on the U.S.-Mexico Soccer Rivalry

This edited volume considers the U.S.-Mexico soccer rivalry, which occurs against a complex geo-political, social, and economic backdrop. Multidisciplinary contributions explore how a long and complicated history between these countries has produced a unique rivalry―one in which loyalties split friends and family; fan turnout in many regions of the U.S. favors Mexico; and games are imbued with both national pride and politics. The th...