Genomics and Health in the Developing World

5bb9b30571c63.jpg Author Dhavendra Kumar
Isbn 9780195374759
File size 24MB
Year 2012
Pages 1536
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biology

Book Description:

Genomics and Health in the Developing World provides detailed and comprehensive coverage of population structures, human genomics, and genome variation--with particular emphasis on medical and health issues--in the emerging economies and countries of the developing world. With sections dedicated to fundamtals of genetics and genomics, epidemiology of human disease, biomarkers, comparative genomics, developments in translational genomic medicine, current and future health strategies related to genetic disease, and pertinent legislative and social factors, this volume highlights the importance of utilizing genetics/genomics knowledge to promote and achieve optimal health in the developing world. Grouped by geographic region, the chapters in this volume address:

- Inherited disorders in the developing world, including a thorough look at genetic disorders in minority groups of every continent
- The progress of diagnostic laboratory genetic testing, prenatal screening, and genetic counseling worldwide
- Rising ethical and legal concerns of medical genetics in the developing world
- Social, cultural, and religious issues related to genetic diseases across continents

Both timely and vastly informative, this book is a unique and comprehensive resource for genetists, clinicians, and public health professionals interested in the social, ethical, economic, and legal matters associated with medical genetics in the developing world.



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