Gliding Mammals of the World

5a386e8bc8c0f.jpg Author Peter Schouten and Stephen Jackson
Isbn 9780643092600
File size 31.62MB
Year 2012
Pages 232
Language English
File format PDF
Category Animals

Book Description:

This book is out of Australia and associated with CSIRO, which seems to produce an endless number of excellent academic studies (not always particularly readable). The book in some ways is exhaustive. The art, paintings by Peter Schouten, is superb.

The book consists of brief descriptions and Schouten's paintings. Many are marked "little or nothing known" and one gets the feel that here is an area of topics for people in PhD programs. Part of the problem seems to be that various gliders live in places very difficult to access, whether from rough terrain or rough political circumstances.

I enjoyed reading the book, but Schouten's art is the best part; one gets a lively sense of the great variety of gliders. Four stars because of the art. The text is a bit academic.



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