First Time Art Quilts

Step-by-step instructions make jumping into art quilting easy and fun! Art quilting is very personal, and it can take a lot of experimentation and practice to achieve a level of confidence and accomplishment. One cannot become an art quilter simply by following instructions. However, some basic information is needed to get started on the right path. This booklet gives the reader a foundation in design elements - lines, values, color,...

Marlinspike Sailor's Arts and Crafts

Discover the dozens of nautically flavored craft projects you can make with rope! You will be surprised by the fancy projects you can make with a square knot, a double-French hitching, or four-strand braids (a dog collar, a tool grip, and a decorated picture frame, respectively)! You can also tie the sailor's Turk's Head knot into a bracelet and morph a monkey's fist knot into a doorstop or a fun toy for your dog. Marine artisan Barb...

Jigs, Fixtures, and Shop Furniture

Page after page of practical jigs and fixtures for the woodworking shop. Each project plan includes and exploded view, detailed drawings and photographs, complete materials list, step-by-step instructions, time-saving tips, and easy-to-follow explanations of important woodworking techniques.

The Herb Garden Specialist

More than 330 color illustrations and diagrams, backed with easily followed text, help gardeners at all skill levels learn to buy, plant, tend, and harvest a rich bounty of herbs. Complete herb identification and growing instructions are provided for annuals, biennials, bulbs, herbaceous perennials, and shrub-like herbs. There's also planting patterns for a compact cartwheel garden, corner and narrow planting beds, and formal herb ga...

The Tool Book

"Tools. Yes!"–Nick Offerman, from the foreword This user's guide to over 200 hand tools highlights how to use tools effectively, understand them better, and how to properly care for them. With foreword by Nick Offerman, host of the new show Making It on NBC. Salute generations of craftsmanship, ingenuity, and know-how with The Tool Book . Explore tools from every angle, with detailed patent drawings, exploded diagrams, and step-by-st...

Ski Tips for Kids

This little book breaks down the basics of teaching kids to ski into hilarious, eye-catching cartoons that will have your little one laughing out loud and looking forward to the next adventure on the hill. Any parent who has taught kids to ski knows how tricky it is to communicate concepts of balance and movement to an undeveloped mind, but expert ski instructors have, over the years, developed a range of tricks and tips that appeal ...

Ladegüter für die Bahn

Güter gehören auf die Bahn - dieser alte Werbeslogan der Bundesbahn gilt für Modellbahner ganz besonders. Güterwagen leer herumfahren zu lassen, ist weder vorbildgerecht noch interessant. Nur beladene zeigen die Vielfalt des Güterverkehrs auch im Kleinen. Dieses Buch basiert auf der Artikelserie Ladegut nach Vorschrift des Fachmagazins Eisenbahn-Journal und präsentiert mehr als zwei Dutzend unterschiedliche Ladegüter für Wagen der Ep...

Garden Builder

Garden Builder is a treasure trove of lovely yard, patio and garden projects you can build yourself! Perfect for any gardener or outdoor enthusiast with a few basic DIY skills, it is packed with 31 complete project plans, each one featuring finished photos of the project along with cut lists and shopping lists, a construction diagram, and step-by-step instructions (complete with photos) show exactly how to build every project. Most p...

Legendary Motocross Bikes

Here are the bikes that have carried their riders to championships--described by the riders who steered their bikes to victory. In twenty profiles, riders tell readers what it was like to ride a winning bike, how special features put it ahead of the competition, and what memorable moments happened along the way. Each profile, illustrated with action photography from the bike's glory days as well as present-day images, offers a detail...

My City Highrise Garden

Gardening on rooftops, balconies, and terraces is a popular trend. After thirty-five years of experience, Susan Brownmiller writes with honesty and humor about her oasis twenty floors above a Manhattan street. She reports the catastrophes: losing daytime access during building-wide renovations; assaults from a mockingbird during his mating season. And the joys: a peach tree fruited for fifteen years; the windswept birches lasted for ...