Modern Hapkido. 100% Self Defense. Self Defense Manual. 60 Second Lessons in Survival

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Isbn 9780061730580
File size 9.59MB
Year 2008
Pages 496
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

Table of Contents: Introduction and Purpose. Modern Hapkido Summary, Three Musts, 4 Piles, System Overview. Awareness, Safe Distance, Interview, Verbal Parries, Pre-attack Cues, Footwork, Movement, and Blocking. Explosive Physical Response EPR, Improvised Explosive Defense. Targets, Basic Strikes, Basic Kicks. Throws, Takedowns, and 3 Selected Locks. Dirty Tricks, First Strikes, and Improvised Weapons. Punches, Grab and Punch, Kick Defense, Hair Grabs. Chokes, Wrist/Arm Grabs, Clothing Grabs. Head Locks, Bear Hugs, Push/Shove/Tackles. Ground Fighting. Sexual Assaults and Unwanted Attention. Selected Special Situations. Weapons: Knives, Hand Guns, Clubs and Sticks. Ambush Responses and Flinch Reactions.



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