The Beginner’s Guide To Photographing Nudes

A comprehensive, superbly organized script for successful photography of the nude ...beneficial to both new and veteran photographers. A concise and detailed presentation accompanied by pertinent illustrations ensures success. The author covers every aspect of the photographic process from initial concepts to camera and lighting decisions; to selection and interactions with models; to locations; to the photographic experience itself;...

A Common Strangeness: Contemporary Poetry, Cross-cultural Encounter, Comparative Literature

Why is our world still understood through binary oppositions-East and West, local and global, common and strange-that ought to have crumbled with the Berlin Wall? What might literary responses to the events that ushered in our era of globalization tell us about the rhetorical and historical underpinnings of these dichotomies? In A Common Strangeness, Jacob Edmond exemplifies a new, multilingual and multilateral approach to literary a...

Folk City: New York And The American Folk Music Revival

As an old folkie with ties to NYC I found this book fascinating and scholarly. I plan on going to The Museum of the City of NY to see the exhibit first hand before it closes in late November. Highly recommended if you were swept away as I was by the folk music revival of the 1960s. Folk City explores New York's central role in fueling the nationwide craze for folk music in postwar America. It involves the efforts of record company pr...

Wander-woman: Eine Couch-potato Hat Rücken Und Lernt Laufen

Jana Thiele ist Büroangestellte ohne sportliche Ambitionen. Und dann das: Rücken. Ein Bandscheibenvorfall legt sie lahm und weckt plötzlich den unbändigen Wunsch, sich wieder bewegen zu können! Leider ist die Großstädterin mit diesem Wunsch nicht allein, und so begegnet sie schon im Harz einer sehr merkwürdigen Spezies: dem deutschen Wanderer. Sie trifft auf fanatische Hobby-Botaniker, Busladungen von stramm marschierenden Frührentne...

Educating Music Teachers For The 21st Century

Educating Music Teachers for the 21st Century discusses a range of teacher education programmes in music across Europe and Latin America reflecting about the shifting conditions, causes and factors in which pre-service teachers construct their musical and educational knowledge. It presents seven case studies carried out in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden in order to understand the general and specific elements ...

Big Gun Battles: Warship Duels Of The Second World War

I found this book to be a generally well-written account of naval battles during World War II fought with gunfire. It is attractively published with wide margins that invite annotations and includes a comprehensive collection of maps, drawings, and photographs. The maps are particularly helpful since the author’s very thorough descriptions of some of the battles are occasionally difficult to follow on their own. I also note that ther...

Lippincott’s Illustrated Q&a Review Of Pharmacology

Seems like a good review for USMLE style questions, but this book alone will not get you through the minutiae of a pharmacology course examination. Well organized, and easy to read... This book is a life saver. Lippincott's Illustrated Q&A Review of Pharmacology offers up-to-date, clinically relevant board-style questions—perfect for course review and board prep. 1,000 multiple-choice questions with detailed answer explanations c...

Voll Auf Die Zwölf: Der Ultimate Fighter Erklärt, Wie Du Jeden Kampf Gewinnst

Forrest Griffin ist kein Kampfkünstler, er ist eine Kampfmaschine. Zudem ist er ziemlich durchgeknallt und hat ganz eigene Ansichten vom Leben und Kämpfen. In diesem Buch erklärt der erfolgreiche Mixed-Martial-Arts-Profi, wie man ein mental und körperlich starker Fighter werden kann, und präsentiert eine Vielzahl erprobter Nahkampftechniken für die Prügelei auf der Straße und den Free-Fight-Kampf im Oktagon.

Stateless Subjects: Chinese Martial Arts Literature And Postcolonial History

The author provides an excellent, concise, and informative description of literary history and discourse in the twentieth century by disassociating new school martial arts wuxia fiction of the twentieth-century from its pre-modern predecessor, xiayi fiction, and situating it historically in opposition to the nationalist May Fourth literary tradition. The analysis carves out space for martial arts fiction in the modern literary critic...

Julie Pujos, Des Mots Et Des Lettres: Énigmes Et Jeux Littéraires

En reliure, du cuir de quel animal provient la "peau de chagrin" qui donne son titre à un roman d’Honoré de Balzac ? Avant d’écrire la saga du Trône de fer, dans quel roman plein de bruit et de fureur George R. R. Martin donne-t-il vie aux Nazgûl, un célèbre groupe de rock des années 60 ? Comment s’appelle le rejeton de la lionne et du jaguar ? Que mesure le galvanomètre ? Comment se nomment les habitants de Wallis-et-Futuna ? Testez...