Photomechanical Materials, Composites, and Systems

Wireless Transduction of Light into Work

5bb6105938982.jpg Author Timothy J. White
Isbn 9781119123309
File size 15.29MB
Year 2017
Pages 432
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

An exhaustive review of the history, current state, and future opportunities for harnessing light to accomplish useful work in materials, this book describes the chemistry, physics, and mechanics of light-controlled systems.

• Describes photomechanical materials and mechanisms, along with key applications
• Exceptional collection of leading authors, internationally recognized for their work in this growing area
• Covers the full scope of photomechanical materials: polymers, crystals, ceramics, and nanocomposites
• Deals with an interdisciplinary coupling of mechanics, materials, chemistry, and physics
• Emphasizes application opportunities in creating adaptive surface features, shape memory devices, and actuators; while assessing future prospects for utility in optics and photonics and soft robotics



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