Take Control Of Security For Mac Users

Prevent -- or recover from -- illicit access to your Mac and its data. Do credit card fraud, hacking, identity theft, and online shopping and banking risks concern you? How about the dangers of malware, phishing, and Wi-Fi sniffing when you use your Mac? You are not alone -- these dangers top the lists of security concerns in many surveys. But you needn't unplug to stay secure, no more than you should barricade yourself in your home ...

The Hacker Playbook 2: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing

Just as a professional athlete doesn’t show up without a solid game plan, ethical hackers, IT professionals, and security researchers should not be unprepared, either. The Hacker Playbook provides them their own game plans. Written by a longtime security professional and CEO of Secure Planet, LLC, this step-by-step guide to the “game” of penetration hacking features hands-on examples and helpful advice from the top of the field. Thro...

Hacking Into Thinking Machines: System Is Live… And It’s Listening…

Introduce to system hacking, introduce readers the fundamental concept involved in system hacking. Password hacking also where the reader can perform on live machine where you can get real time experience to exploit the vulnerability of system this will also introduce numerous tools on password cracking, also this book focuses on some advance concept on hacking this cover the exploitation of windows xp, 7. Also readers will get to kn...

A Comprehensive Look At Fraud Identification And Prevention

The methods of prevention presented in the book are based on what is referred to as the path of least resistance. With fraud and other types of criminal activity, criminals take the path with the fewest barriers in their way. By implementing the methods presented in this book, you will be able to deter would-be criminals and send them on their way to search for easier targets with fewer barriers. Discussion categories include identif...

Android Security: Attacks And Defenses

Android Security: Attacks and Defenses is for anyone interested in learning about the strengths and weaknesses of the Android platform from a security perspective. Starting with an introduction to Android OS architecture and application programming, it will help readers get up to speed on the basics of the Android platform and its security issues. Explaining the Android security model and architecture, the book describes Android perm...

Cyber Fraud: The Web Of Lies

There is a new type of threat online that affects thousands of small businesses and millions of consumers worldwide, and yet 99% of them don't even know about it. This cyber fraud is at your door, and you regularly invite these criminals into your home without even knowing it. In Cyber Fraud: The Web of Lies, cybersecurity expert Bryan Seely exposes a huge system of fraud that takes place online and the victims don't even know it's h...

Multilevel Modeling Of Secure Systems In Qop-ml

The book explains the formal logic for representing the relationships between security mechanisms in a manner that offers the possibility to evaluate security attributes. It presents the architecture and API of tools that ensure automatic analysis, including the automatic quality of protection analysis tool (AQoPA), crypto metrics tool (CMTool), and security mechanisms evaluation tool (SMETool). The book includes a number of examples...

Se Protéger Sur Internet : Conseils Pour La Vie En Ligne

Contrôler sa vie en ligne, cela s'apprend !Confidentialité, respect de la vie privée, pseudogratuité... Comprenez les coulisses d'Internet pour surfer en toute sécurité avec votre famille !- Contrôlez les traces que vous (et vos enfants) laissez sur Internet et prenez soin de votre identité numérique- Protégez vos données personnelles (coordonnées, photos, informations bancaires...)- Utilisez Google et ses services avec modération et...

Assessing Network Security

Don’t wait for an attacker to find and exploit your security vulnerabilities—take the lead by assessing the state of your network’s security. This book delivers advanced network testing strategies, including vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, from members of the Microsoft security teams. These real-world practitioners provide hands-on guidance on how to perform security assessments, uncover security vulnerabilities, and ...

Cybercrime And Cyber Warfare (focus: Information Systems, Web And Pervasive Computing)

In order to enable general understanding and to foster the implementation of necessary support measures in organizations, this book describes the fundamental and conceptual aspects of cyberspace abuse. These aspects are logically and reasonably discussed in the fields related to cybercrime and cyberwarfare. The book illustrates differences between the two fields, perpetrators’ activities, as well as the methods of investigating and f...