Simulation of Industrial Systems: Discrete Event Simulation Using Excel/VBA

5b020cefa6e64.jpg Author David Elizandro
Isbn 9781420067446
File size 8MB
Year 2007
Pages 536
Language English
File format PDF
Category Engineering and Technology

Book Description:

In any production environment, discrete event simulation is a powerful tool for the analysis, planning, and operating of a manufacturing facility. Operations managers can use simulation to improve their production systems by eliminating bottlenecks, reducing cycle time and cost, and increasing capacity utilization. Offering a hands-on tutorial on how to model traditional applications to optimize production operations, Simulation of Industrial Systems: Discrete Event Simulation Using Excel/VBA―

· Introduces the Design Environment for Event Driven Simulation (DEEDS), an original simulator, which facilitates the modeling of complex situations using four (self-contained) nodes: source, queue, facility, and delay.

· Demonstrates how to use discrete event simulation as a powerful tool for the analysis, planning, design, and operation of diverse production systems

· Shows how to model application areas such as facilities layout, material handling, inventory control, scheduling, maintenance, quality control, and supply chain logistics

· Integrates the design of experiments and optimization techniques for improving production systems

With the comprehensive instruction provided within these pages, in combination with the flexibility of the DEEDS program environment, operations managers will be able to harness the power of discrete event simulation to streamline their production environments.

The authors have created a website with a variety of teaching aids that professors will be able to access



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